Alabama Performance Excellence Fee Structure

Award Applications

Pre-Application Fee for All Levels   $150.00

(All Award applicants are required to submit a Pre-Application. This fee is in addition to the Award application fee.)

Pathway to Performance Excellence $400.00

Tier 1: $850.00 – optional one-day site visit.

Tier 2: $850.00 – plus $2.50 for each employee not to exceed $2,500

Tier 3: $850.00 – plus $2.50 for each employee not to exceed $3,250
*All site visit direct expenses paid by applicants.

Award of Excellence for Continuous Productivity and Quality Improvement for previous winners.

$400.00. (Tier 3 Recipients have to wait three years before they can apply for the top Tier Award again but they can apply for the Award of Excellence those years.)

Team Showcase

(Pre-Application Fee $150.00)
Application Fee $400.00

Examiner Training

For those wanting to take the training for their Professional Development but do not want to volunteer to be an examiner the fee is $799.00 for the three days of training.

First Year Examiners                $400.00
Second Year Examiners            $200.00

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