Mission, Vision, and Values

The ALPEx Mission

We promote economic development by facilitating increased productivity in organizations by serving as advocates and practitioners of the Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework.  We recognize those organizations that successfully use the Criteria, Core Values and Concepts, and provide guidance for sustained performance in order to remain competitive and thrive in the global marketplace.

ALPEx, through the use of an awards program, fulfills its mission by providing in-depth assessments to Alabama organizations using the Baldrige Excellence Framework and Criteria for Performance Excellence.

Organizations participating in this program receive detailed feedback that they use to improve their processes and results.  Not only do these organizations improve internally, but their communities benefit from increased revenue and job opportunities.  

Learn more about ALPEx by viewing the following video:

ALPEx Vision

To be recognized by the Nation, State, and our Key Stakeholders as the high-value provider of tools, education / training, award recognition, and associated feedback reports for those state organizations that embrace the Baldridge Performance Excellence framework, core values, and concepts.

ALPEx Values

Integrity, Innovation, Resiliency, Competency, Customer-Focused, Stewardship, Results Oriented, and Agility

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