Performance Award Application

The Performance Excellence Award application is a two-step process.

Step 1Determine Eligibility / Pre-Application

Click here to complete the online pre-application form.

Note: The applicant will choose how they wish to pay the $150.00 pre-application fee. Those who wish to pay online will receive an electronic invoice sent to the primary applicant contact.

Step 2 Apply

Once you have received approval through ALPEx as an eligible entity, you may then apply for the award. Please complete and return the application form below.

Please submit the application above along with the appropriate application fee amount:
Tier 1: $850.00 – optional one-day site visit.
Tier 2: $850.00 – plus $2.50 for each employee not to exceed $2,500
Tier 3: $850.00 – plus $2.50 for each employee not to exceed $3,250

Note: All site visit direct expenses paid by applicants.

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